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Expert Distressed Mortgage and Home Repossession Consultants

Helping Irish Homeowners Navigate Mortgage Challenges

Are you facing difficulties with your mortgage in Ireland? You're not alone.  Many homeowners struggle with loans held by "vulture funds" or dealing with the consequences of stricter affordability tests and economic changes.

Are you facing repossession proceedings by Pepper 

At DéDannan Legal and Securitization Services, we understand the complexities of the Irish mortgage market and the challenges faced by homeowners. We offer a range of services to help you navigate these difficulties and find solutions:

Our Services

Mediation and Advocacy: We can act as a bridge between you and your lender, including vulture fund servicers.  We facilitate communication, advocate for your best interests, and explore solutions to prevent repossession.

  • Securitization Analysis: The underlying structure of your mortgage can be crucial in negotiations. We analyze complex securitization reports to identify potential leverage points or opportunities for loan modifications.

  • Legal Expertise: If a repossession case becomes unavoidable, our knowledge of the Irish legal system and experience dealing with banks and service providers can be invaluable. We can help protect your rights and explore potential settlements.


Beyond the Services

We believe in a more open and fair mortgage market in Ireland.  We advocate for policy changes that promote competition and ensure homeowners have access to the best possible rates and terms.

Why Choose Us?

Experience: We deeply understand the Irish mortgage market and the challenges homeowners face with vulture funds and other lenders.

  • Client-Centered Approach: Your needs and goals are our priority. We work tirelessly to find solutions that benefit you and your family.

  • Communication is Key: We keep you informed and involved throughout the process, explaining complex issues in clear and understandable language.


Don't face your mortgage challenges alone. Contact DéDannan today

If you're facing repossession of your home or investment property, we're here to help. Our team of experienced consultants specialises in working with customers who have repossession cases with banks, service providers, and vulture funds, and are going through the courts. We help those who have cases in court where the bans have not given voluntary discovery to the borrowers. We aim to help you keep your home or investment property and avoid the stress and financial burden of repossession.

How We Can Help

Protecting Your Homeownership Rights
Facing repossession? Don't navigate this challenge alone. DéDannan offers a comprehensive range of services to fight for your home:

Unveiling Weaknesses: We meticulously dissect loan documents, court orders, and servicer actions, searching for errors or violations that strengthen your defense against repossession.
Crafting a Strong Defense: Our team builds a personalised defense strategy based on your specific situation, leveraging relevant case law to challenge the lender's claims.
Exploring Alternatives: Beyond court battles, we explore options to keep you in your home. This may involve negotiating loan modifications with lower interest rates or extended terms.
Mediation Expertise: We guide you through mediation, a collaborative process where we advocate for your needs while fostering productive dialogue with lenders to reach mutually beneficial solutions.

Mediation and Negotiation

Distressed Mortgage, ?


Avoid Court & Repossession. DéDannan Mediation Can Help. Even in the late stages, we bring homeowners, servicers, and investors (vulture funds) together to find win-win solutions. For Homeowners: Save your home, negotiate affordable repayment plans, and reduce stress. For Investors: Secure your investment with stable returns and avoid costly foreclosure processes. For Servicers: Streamline communication, reduce delinquencies, and improve customer satisfaction. Dedannan Mediation: Finding common ground for a brighter future.

Dedannan Law empowers you with the knowledge and resources needed to fight for a fair outcome. Contact us today and let us help you protect your most valuable asset – your home.

Legal Services

Facing repossession? Don't give up the fight! Dedannan empowers homeowners and investors to challenge potentially unlawful repossessions.

Our team of experts investigates loan documents, court orders, and servicer actions. We uncover potential legal issues that could be hindering your case.

Homeowners: We help you protect your home and fight for a fair chance to save your property. We work with you to build a legal case and research relevant precedents to challenge repossessions that may not have followed proper procedures.

Investors: We mitigate your risk by ensuring the repossession process complies with all legal requirements. We work towards a fair and legal resolution for all parties involved.

Don't let unfair practices take your home. Contact Dedannan today for a free consultation and explore your options.

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